About Us

At BETA, we are passionate about active leisure and human powered sports.  We stress the benefits of regular exercise and mindfulness to overall health and happiness.  Our aim is to create an environment and culture that is conducive to promoting community and wellness for our members and guests. 

Our facility is centered around physical activity, but we hope to define and differentiate ourselves through physical community.  At the risk of waxing philosophical, we can’t help but notice that the confluence of technologies that were designed to make our lives easier and bring us closer together has actually had the opposite effect.  We’re overstimulated, overstressed and busier than ever. Social media interactions are taking the place of quality face-to-face interactions. Attention spans are shorter. People are lonelier and more depressed.  Don’t get us wrong, we’re big fans of tech, but we see a real need for balance.  And we think the offset is building quality interpersonal relationships.  We have thoughtfully designed our facility around social spaces and hope to create an environment and experiences, centered around climbing, that encourage community to emerge.  

Welcome to BETA. Some of your favorite people are here, you just haven’t met them yet.

Behind The Name

Beta, in climbing parlance, is helpful information about a climb — the movement, the crux, specific details about the hand or foot holds.  We like to think of it as insight. As something that can be shared together or discovered independently. Finding and implementing the beta is one of the elements that makes climbing engaging and intellectually stimulating.  It can vary depending on the physical attributes and skill of the climber. It can be broken by finding a new, creative way.  We like that. 




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