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Private Coaching at BETA is available only to USA Climbing Members. Any and all USA Climbing Members may book Private Coaching but members of our own BETA Climbing Team receive discounted rates.

Meet BETA’s Elite Private Coaching Staff



Logan DeCastro

Logan has been climbing for 7 years and in 2014/15 began coaching youth climbing. In his 5 years’ experience coaching he has coached athletes to the nationally competitive level and has made 6 trips to nationals between the multiple disciplines of climbing.

Logan coaches because it is his passion. It is what he wants to do for the rest of his life—surrounded by those who admire and love the sport just as much as he does. The sport of climbing means everything to Logan and for him to be fortunate enough to coach what he loves most, is the ultimate blessing. He truly feels that he couldn’t ask for anything more than working with individuals who want to grow and further their climbing knowledge, then take the information and advice given to them to improve. The most rewarding feeling isn’t when someone gets first. It’s when they are able to fully showcase how hard they worked throughout the season that matters. Placements, trophies, medals, ribbons; those will all follow eventually, but if the mindset is on the love for the sport and the growth of one’s climbing capability, then that is someone who Logan wants to work with. 

In Logan’s free time he loves to play ultimate frisbee. He plays in an annual competitive summer league in addition to a handful of tournaments. Logan’s favorite animal would have to be Dragons! Whether they are myth or legend, they symbolize wisdom, strength,

Logan’s Coaching Hours

Fridays 10am - 3pm

Sundays 10am - 3pm



Dylan Randall

With 9 years of personal climbing experience, Dylan began coaching youth climbing in 2015. Since then Dylan has coached young climbers to the nationally competitive level with 3 trips to Nationals under his belt. He coaches to help young climbers realize their potential as athletes. Some kids will join climbing teams with the confidence that they will improve, while others truly just enjoy movement on rock—seeing climbers on both sides of that coin experience the growth they never knew they were capable of at the start of a season is the most rewarding aspect of coaching to Dylan. 

As a coach, Dylan’s most memorable moments have been the team dinners at USAC Regionals. Having the whole team of climbers on the cusp of one of the most important competitions of the year, all come together as a family to eat and push the stress away, demonstrates an overwhelming level of camaraderie and good sportsmanship developed through the season. 

Dylan is a Level 1Certified Route Setter, has attended a setter showdown event in Canada, is CWA certified, and attended the USAC Coach’s Symposium in 2018. He was an active member of his college’s climbing team for the four years he attended school which was a part of a small collegiate circuit with other universities in the Northeast. 

Outside of climbing Dylan enjoys traveling, hiking, and photography! Really, anything that revolves around him being outdoors. His favorite animal would have to be a dolphin. “They must have the best life. Always stoked to surf.”

Dylan’s Coaching Hours

Fridays 10am - 4pm



Brendan conlon Chin

With 7+ trips to Nationals under his belt, Brendan has worked with athletes age 6-18, ranging from beginner climbers to National Champions. His training is intense, effective and fun forward. In his own training, and with others, Brendan has two main mantras: 1) to be soft is to be powerful. Recognize when you need to be strong and find stability, but also find moments to pause, and find pockets of lower intensity. 2) Listen to your own body, your breath; you are your own best coach, and know what your body is feeling better than anyone else. To maintain balance, Brendan also teaches yoga, runs, bikes, hikes, spends time with kittens, and drinks lots of tea and coffee.

He discovered climbing in 2013, and immediately fell in love. Since then, climbing has filled his lungs and heart, and destroyed his fingers. It has taken him from New England, to Utah and Colorado, Spain and Morocco. His favorite climbing area is Joe’s Valley, in Utah, and he tends to consider himself a “boulder monkey.” He has climbed V12 and 5.13c/d.

Brendan, a Vermont native and Connecticut transplant, has always loved the outdoors. He grew up spending time in the New England woods with his cat, Q, his mom, and the various creatures and critters native to Vermont.

Brendan’s Coaching Hours

Fridays 10am - 6pm



Jeremy Meza

Jeremy Meza is from Orange County, California. He first started climbing at a friend’s birthday party in 1996 and continued to go to the gym every free weekend. Absolutely loving it, he did what any 10-year-old would do, pleaded with his parents for a membership. They didn’t agree. So, he did what not all 10-year-olds would do and saved his chore money and the following year became a member. Jeremy loves climbing for many reasons, however if he were to pick one thing that sticks out over the years, it would have to be a particular feeling or energy. The feeling you get when you finish a climb you have been working or sticking a single move that you've become obsessed with. He would compare it to the feeling one might have surfing and catching the perfect wave on an empty beach, catching first tracks in fresh powder on the mountain, or golfing and watching the ball leave the club head, on track, roll, and drop in the hole. It’s that feeling of having personal success through the roller coaster of challenges and emotions. It is in that process that he has carried over many learned lessons into everyday life. 

Jeremy has been climbing for 23 years and has spent 11 of those years coaching youth climbing. In those 11 years Jeremy has coached youth athletes to the nationally competitive level and has made 11 trips to nationals between the different disciplines in climbing. Having coached football, baseball, martial arts, gymnastics, and climbing, he loves seeing the light bulb moment or the “Aha!” moment. The moment when it clicks or all comes together. Additionally, Jeremy loves the duality of how lessons in climbing can be applied to so many aspects of life—commitment, emotional fortitude, discipline, work ethic, the list goes on. One of the most gratifying aspects of coaching for Jeremy is watching individuals that enter the sport, develop and continue to move forward to their next chapter, applying the bigger quiver of knowledge to any challenges they face. 

For Jeremy the most memorable and meaningful moments are the little points of growth between the big goals. He remembers the big success moments at nationals and other high-level competitions, but it's the hard work in between that is really special. It’s the reading of thank you cards or the understood appreciation for the help and cultivation of skill sets and qualities that have shaped their success and/or personal growth. 

Jeremy competed back in the days of JCCA, USCCA, SCS, and ABS—from 2002 to 2005. As a young nationally competitive athlete he was more drawn to sport climbing, but later found a love for competitive bouldering and its more powerful movement. As a once nationally competitive athlete and now coach, it has been amazing for him to watch the sport grow and also have an active role in helping young talented climbers continue to push themselves and the boundaries of the sport to elevate it and themselves to the next level.

Jeremy’s Coaching Hours

Sundays 11am-3pm

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