Starting From The Bottom

A common myth of climbing is that you need to have a lot of upper body strength to climb hard. To a point, this is true. The stronger one is physically, the harder they could climb but, having good foot-work can take you further. 

Start from the bottom on your body. Here are a couple points to think about the next time you’re moving on the wall:

  • Each time you move your foot, look at it. Plant it with intention. Don’t shake or hesitate. Commit and go. 

  • Climb slower. It’ll be easier to assess how you’re doing and a preview of your next foot is never going to hurt. 

  • Silent feet are key. You’ll know you’re doing well when you can’t hear your feet when climbing.

  • Use the tip of your shoe to move your body. Avoid using the ball or arch of your foot because you inhibit your own upward progression on the wall.

Keeping these points in mind will get you far. #sendeverything

If you’d like more specific attention on your footwork, schedule a Movement + Technique Course or book a Private Coaching Session with one of our Instructors.   

Written by Kody Tolentino

Edited by Nora Maklad