About us

Our team is in the process of opening a new full service indoor climbing center with over 20,000 SF of climbing terrain this summer in Stamford, CT.  In addition to our core offerings of climbing, yoga, and traditional fitness, we plan to include a cafe and co-working space with high-speed internet access.  


We are passionate about active leisure and human powered sports.  We stress the benefits of regular exercise to overall health and wellness. Our aim is to create a workplace culture that is collaborative and conducive to personal growth. We want our staff to love working here.  


Our facility is built around physical activity, but we hope to define and differentiate ourselves through physical community. at the risk of waxing philosophical, we can’t help but notice that the confluence of technologies that were designed to make our lives easier and bring us closer together has actually had the opposite effect.  We’re overstimulated, overstressed and busier than ever. Social media interactions are taking the place of quality face-to-face interactions. Attention spans are shorter.  People are lonelier and more depressed. Don’t get us wrong, we’re big fans of tech, but we see a real need for balance. And we think the offset is physical community.  Our goal is to create an environment and experiences, centered around climbing, that encourage community to emerge.  


join the team. let's build something.   


Current listings:

marketing manager


programs + Events coordinator


full-time Routesetter


shift supervisor


Front desk staff


General staff


additional listings coming soon...