+ Do I have to be a member to climb at your gym?

Nope, everyone is welcome to climb at BETA! We have several options for single or multiple days of climbing without membership such as our Day Pass, 10 Punch Pass, and Private Belays.

+ How do I freeze or cancel my membership?

Freeze: Month to month memberships may be frozen for a minimum of one month for $10 per month. Membership freezes begin on the 1st of the month and requests must be submitted by the 23rd of the previous month. Prepaid memberships cannot be frozen.

Cancel: You may cancel your membership after your first full monthly payment. Cancellation requests must be received by the 23rd of the previous month. Never fear, there are no cancellation fees!

Use the Membership Change Form to freeze / cancel your membership, or to update your billing information.

+ What is a Day Pass?

A day pass grants you entry to our climbing facility for the whole day! Day passes are valid until closing on the day of purchase - you may come and go as you please.

+ Do I have to wear climbing shoes?

Yes, we require that all climbers wear climbing shoes when climbing in our facility. This helps us keep our walls, holds and mats clean from outside debris, dirt, and other gross things ;)

+ I’m new to climbing, what are my options?

If you have never climbed before we recommend making a reservation for a Private Belay session. One of our BETA Crew members will guide you around our facility and control the ropes (belay) for you as you climb and have fun!

If you would rather do your own thing, we have 6,500 SF of bouldering walls (climbing shorter walls without ropes) and six Autobelays (clip and climb devices). All you need is a Day Pass, climbing gear and an orientation from one of our BETA Crew!

+ I’m new to climbing and want to learn more, where do I start?

For climbers over the age of 14 we offer classes that can teach you the basics of climbing skills and technique. We suggest climbers start with our Learn the Ropes class to learn how to belay (control the ropes for another climber), this course will teach you the skills needed to prepare for our in-house Belay Test. If you sign up for membership, your choice of a Learn the Ropes class or Movement class is included.

+ I have a lil nugget, can they climb?

Generally, if kids can walk, they can climb. If your little one has the desire and inclination to reach adventurous heights and get out of their comfort zone, this might be the sport for them! All kids are different and sometimes it takes some exposure to help little climbers feel comfortable, so be patient and cheer them on! We recommend a Private Belay to get them started.

+ Do I have to fill out your Visitor Agreement if I am not climbing?

Yes, anyone who enters the facility must complete a Visitor Agreement before participating in any activities including spectators. If you’re a Visitor, you need to sign an Agreement. It’s kind of a drag, but insurance companies, am I right?

+ How old do you have to be to use the fitness area?

You must be at least 16 years of age to be in our fitness area.

+ Can I drop my kids off?

We already have lots of our own kids, we can’t watch yours too :( Unless they are part of one of our Youth Programs, that is! Otherwise, please make sure a parent or responsible adult is supervising children under 14 at all times.

+ I am certified to belay at another gym, do I still have to take a belay test at BETA?

Yes, all belayers MUST pass our belay test in order to belay within the BETA facility. Again, with the wet blanket insurance companies...

+ Can I just walk in?

Of course! Non-members can purchase a day pass and rentals if needed. However, if you would like a staff belayer we highly recommend booking a Private Belay in advance (especially for a Saturday or Sunday)..

+ How old do you have to be to Lead Climb?

You must be at least 16 years of age to be Lead Certified at BETA. *All Lead Climbers and Belayers must pass our Lead Test

+ My roommate and I want to sign up for Membership, do we apply for the Family Membership?

Family memberships include adult couples plus their dependent children (under 18), one adult and their dependent children (under 18), or youth siblings (under 18). Family membership is intended for couples who reside at the same address, including married couples and domestic partnerships, with shared finances – roommates do not qualify.

+ I’ve got a lil nugget in the oven, can I still work my way up these walls?

Yes, we do have a harness for pregnant climbers. However, we strongly suggest you consult a doctor before participating.

+ Do I need any special clothing for climbing?

Nope! You can climb in a suit, a cow costume or just about anything. However we do suggest wearing what you would normally workout in.

+ Can I climb by myself or do I need another person?

Yes, you can definitely boulder and use the Autobelays on your own. In order to climb on our Top Rope routes, you’ll need to have a belayer. Looking to find a climbing partner? Try one of our Meet-ups!

+ How old do I have to be to use an Autobelay?

We don’t have an age requirement to climb using the Autobelay, however you must weigh between 30 lbs and 300 lbs. In our facility we require minors under the age of 13 be clipped in by a responsible adult or one of our staff.

+ I forgot my yoga mat!

That’s ok! We rent yoga mats for $3.

+ I’m late for my Yoga Class

Unfortunately we don’t allow late arrivals into the yoga class once it has started, we don’t want to disrupt our other yogis!

+ I forgot my towel and I’ve got a hot date after getting my pump on.

Don’t worry, we have complimentary towels -- just ask our front desk staff for one! Oh, we have showers too.