Our mission is to create the environment for a vibrant community, in part by providing structured programs and engaging events for our members and guests. As a new business to Stamford, it is vital that we forge strong connections with local citizens and other local businesses right out of the gate.    

Candidates must enjoy and feel comfortable in social settings as the position will require constant professional networking and keeping the party going at social events. Detailed planning and logistics are vital to the success of our events and programing–plans should be illustrated through high-level communication and presentation. She/He will play the key role in implementation of events and programs to ensure memorable and effective experiences for our members and guests.

Passion for the community comes first–the role requires constant development of new ideas to provide a dynamic experience for all our customers and staff.  


  • Oversee development and coordination of all programs (classes, teams, leagues, parties, meetup group, etc)
  • Plan and execute special events (launch, competitions, other special events)
  • Manage part-time coaches to lead team and training programs
  • Work with Marketing Manager to promote programs 
  • Work with Head Routesetter to ensure appropriate setting for upcoming programs and events
  • Direct community outreach, brand presence, and business partnership development (local businesses, nonprofits, and schools)
  • direct Industry outreach (sponsors, vendors, partners)
  • Shift Supervisor


  • Prior experience in fitness programs management and large scale event planning (preferred)
  • must be extremely organized
  • Strong communication skills are essential
  • Demonstrates strong sense of hospitality, is socially active and excels in group settings
  • Must be able to make new members and guests feel welcome and comfortable while creating a sense of community for existing members


  • Full-time position 
  • Ability to work weekends / special events / competitions, when necessary
  • Must become an active and engaged member of the local climbing community 
  • Must be reliable, professional and enthusiastic about taking a leadership role in shaping the culture and community of a new climbing facility

Additional Info

  • competitive compensation (commensurate with experience)
  • Paid time off + health benefits available

send your resume and cover letter to employment@betarocks.com