Here at BETA, we do so many other things (yoga, gym workouts, programs, and more), but our soul is climbing. No experience necessary when you climb with us, we have climbs for all abilities. We offer three types of climbing: bouldering, top rope, and lead. (Scroll down for more info on each)


Comfortable and flexible clothing is recommended (athletic wear, shorts, t-shirt, etc.). Climbing shoes are required; bring your own or rent. Socks are optional.


Memberships are not necessary to climb at our gym. You can climb by yourself, with friends/family, and get to know the climbing community. Brand new and want our staff to handle the ropes for you? Book a private belay in advance!


Members have unlimited access to the gym amenities; yoga studio, gym access, and showers. They also get member exclusive early hours (Mon, Tues + Thurs 6:30am). In addition, members get to bring a guest once a month, free class, free lead rope, and so much more.




Bouldering is one of the main disciplines within rock climbing. It is the most basic form of climbing; you don’t need gear or technical rope knowledge. The walls are relatively short and have soft padded flooring for impact. Bouldering is a simple, and fun way to start climbing either alone or with fellow climbers.

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Top rope climbing is when a climber has a rope anchored above them while ascending higher than bouldering heights. While top roping, you will need a belayer (someone on the ground to control the ropes for you) to ensure you’re caught in the event of a fall and lowered properly.

No partner? No problem!

We offer auto belay stations. This is the same method as top roping, but no need for a belayer. An auto belay is a machine stationed above the climber. The climber clips in, climbs, and once done is lowered back to the ground then, re-clips to the anchoring points.



Lead Climbing is a more advanced form of roped climbing. The climber leads their rope to the top of the wall and clips into protection points along the way. The belayer has multiple jobs: holding the rope when a fall occurs, and giving out or taking up rope as the climber moves. Lead climbing + belaying requires certification. If you are interested in getting lead certified or would like to learn how to lead climb + belay, click below.

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