Youth Programs at BETA Climbing run all school year, offering a safe space for young climbers to develop their skills and build confidence. We believe climbing is more than a sport; it has the power to change lives by offering a platform for kids of all ages to learn teamwork, patience, perseverance, and problem-solving. Whether your child is trying the sport for the first time, or is already hooked and interested in training for competition, we have classes appropriate for all levels of commitment and skill.

Programs begin the week of September 9, 2019 and continue through the week of June 6, 2020.
No classes during the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

How to Enroll:

BETA Youth Programs require a membership to enroll.

If you or your child climber is already a BETA member, click here to use our handy dandy Change Request Form to add your climber to the Youth Program. Just use the “Additional Comment” section to specify which youth program your climber will be joining: Super Senders, BETA Beasts, Open Climb or Junior Team.

If your child is not yet a BETA Member, select your class below and click New Member Sign Up!

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Email us at if you have any questions regarding our Youth Program Offerings.

Super Senders

Ages 6 - 9

Mondays + Wednesdays 4:15pm - 5:45pm

Monthly Dues $195

Monthly Sibling Dues: $175

Every kid is a Super Sender! Our friendly and knowledgeable instructors craft unique, weekly lesson plans meant to meet each individual student at their personal level, challenging them mentally as well as physically. This exciting class will help to develop your child's strength, balance, focus, problem solving skills, and confidence through our original, climbing focused games.


BETA Beasts

Ages 10 - 13

Mondays + Wednesdays

6:00pm - 7:30pm

Monthly Dues $195

Monthly Sibling Dues: $175

Does your child want to climb like a beast? BETA Beasts students will be introduced to the basics of rock climbing technique, fitness, mindfulness, and much more in our welcoming community of young climbers. Students will be able to grow their skills and abilities in a supportive social environment, all while getting fit and having fun!

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Open Climb

Ages 8 - 15


10:00am - 11:30am

Monthly Dues: $140

Monthly Sibling Dues: $ 130

Saturdays Rock! In this class, belayers facilitate a low pressure, social environment for kids to practice their climbing skills and have fun on the wall. Students will explore the gym each week through bouldering + top-rope climbing with guidance from our patient staff to help them reach their climbing goals. Ditch the Saturday morning cartoons - jump off the couch and onto the wall with BETA!

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Junior Team

Ages 8 - 16

Tuesdays + Thursdays

6:00pm - 8:00pm

Monthly Dues: $250

Monthly Sibling Dues: $230

The Junior Team is meant for skilled young climbers interested in working towards becoming a smarter, stronger climber, consistency in a fitness program, and/or a spot in our advanced youth competitive program. Junior Team climbers will be introduced to the fundamentals of a training program - including consistent strength + fitness conditioning, competition style climbing + intermediate to advanced climbing technique, injury prevention, and having fun.  After all, the best climber is the one having the most fun.
Program Goals and Expectations:

  • Goal Setting

  • Try Hard

  • Be Supportive

  • Communication

  • Heart + Passion  

  • Sportsmanship

  • Commitment

As BETA coaches, we expect commitment and dedication from our climbers and our climbers should expect the same of us.

Junior Team members are not required to compete but will be encouraged to attend local competitions on their own volition.

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BETA Climbing Team

BETA Climbing Team enrollment is subject to approval from the BETA Coaching Staff.  Please contact if you are interested in joining a team.

Welcome to the Beta Climbing Team! We are excited to be kicking off the 2019/2020 Bouldering / Sport + Speed season with such a talented and dedicated roster of athletes.  Over the next several months of training and competing, we aim to help everyone reach their goals as a climber, as well as foster a community defined by camaraderie, trust, and accountability.  It is our goal as your coaches to create this type of atmosphere for you to flourish as an athlete and competitor.

As BCT coaches we believe in the process.  No matter how strong or experienced of a climber you are, we believe that making the daily choice to commit to your sport is what will drive results.  With our combined knowledge + experience, along with the high-end training facility Beta has to offer, we know that we have the tools for success available to us.  Winning is not everything, but it sure is a lot more fun.  

Being a member of the Beta Climbing Team is a privilege to be earned for athletes and coaches alike.  We hold ourselves accountable to the same degree we hold our climbers. As long as you are willing to put in the work, so are we.  If you ever feel dissatisfied with your training or experience, we ask that you please communicate so we may work towards finding a solution together and continue to grow as a team.  Strong communication will be crucial in achieving our goals individually and as a team. We look forward to establishing an open channel between athletes, coaches, and parents as we continue to grow.

Athlete Expectations:

  • Goal Setting

  • Punctuality

  • Try Hard

  • Be Supportive

  • Communication

  • Heart + Passion

  • Sportsmanship

Our style of training combines climbing specific fitness, technique, onsight training, isolated movement, mental + emotional fortitude, functional movement + strength work, competition philosophy/execution, and more.  After an initial assessment of skill, strength, and fitness level through baseline testing each athlete will receive a semi-tailored training program that best fits his or her needs.

Single Sesh

Ages 8 - 15


4:30pm - 6:00pm

$35 per session per climber

*Spaces limited. Reservations required.

Do you have a busy kid who’s interested in climbing? Or are they unsure about the sport and just want to give it a try? BETA's After School Single Sesh is the class for you! Every Single Sesh our amazing instructors will lead students through a warm-up, followed by bouldering, top-roping, climbing specific games, and fun activities. Students will gain rock climbing knowledge and experience in a fun and dynamic social setting, while week-to-week sign up gives your child the space to explore the sport at their own pace!